Why choose us ?

  • We not only focus on preparation and covering the syllabi part but also the overall development beyond UPSC.
  • We have no time line for you to be with us, you can study with us till the day you qualify even after any successful attempt.
  • We have a target approach towards mains first and prelims second.
  • Our classroom sessions are so comprehensive with just 20 students in sitting which would promote the collective and easy understanding.
  • Regular mocks and good reads articles for the umbrella coverage of the preparation.
  • Yes, we are the only one in Hisar to provide such a meticulous and spear headed approach that we take personal GUARANTEE that the question paper will not surprise you.

IAS Institute is a place with a unique identity where we help people to not only to crack the examination but also to develop their FUTURE. We a well developed future of the students.

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