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How We Approach

General Studies

UPSC has provided a detailed syllabus of general studies as well as the optional subjects. Aspirants need to go through with the syllabi again and again because it is the first thing, an aspirant is needed to learn about. We provide a lucid analysis of the syllabus along with a well managed time slots to divide the whole syllabus in the span of 10 months of the batch.

Initial months of the batch are being spent in covering the Mains perspective study along with the writing skills development. The last 4 months of the batch cover the Pre Specific studies along with the special batch we organise for the aspirants appearing in the current year. That batch particularly targets the Prelims of that year.

Integrated Programme

The preparation of Civil services is not just a short span approach which you can cover in no time even if you put the hardest of your caliber. It is a journey that can be covered with a step by step approach.

We provide an integrated approach to cover till the interview stage even so that an aspirant can start having confidence while appearing prelims and mains examination too. Special English spoken batches, Seminars, and debate sessions are being organized to cover the enhancement of the expressional part of aspirants.

Comprehensive Study Material

The most attractive aspect about us is that we have designed our notes as per the current demand of UPSC and the easy understanding of the aspirants who hail from not so developed backgrounds and residential zones. The language shall not and cannot become a bar for them when it comes to our study material

Spanned in around 20 booklets with daily current affairs material and monthly Awareness magazine, we have covered every aspect of this examination. An aspirant is just demanded the speed and focus and resilience to cover the given material in a given time span and yes, of course, given the excessive revisions.

Test Series

Appearing the tests is a most important exercise during the preparation. Test series are another aspect of us that we have made the questions covering almost each topic of the curriculum and with the explanations provided to the answers, an aspirant can cover the whole syllabus by appearing merely the test series even. The test series carries 7000 Questions as online mocks and 5000 Questions off line tests. We are among one of the most tests providing institutions.

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